Saturday, October 12, 2013


What is SMART assets? For me it means taking an intangible or tangible business asset and applying the following principle:

“To see better. To understand better. To do better”.

In order to do this, we need to design and implement Product, Process and Data which supports the customer journey to a road of higher customer experience – but bearing in mind organisational change will be part of this!

Business Process Engineering (BPE) is a change framework which integrates change management and complexity management with solid industrial engineering. BPE has been developed over 20 years and provides a practical and resilient approach to implement and convert most change requirements from ideas to market engagements in any complex business environment.

Organisational change is unique to every single organisation and as such BPE depends on key principles derived from the discipline of complexity management to enable the change initiative to stay on course – no matter how disruptive the change may be.

Making organisational assets SMART requires a process which takes the organisation through three major change phases; Innovation, Implementation and Improvement. During this process we split “hard change” from “soft change” to enable the proper balance between business changes while allowing people to adopt and drive them. The focus always stays on CUSTOMER->PRODUCT->PROCESS->DATA.

In order to deal with real-time views and scenario’s we apply the latest Big Data, Data Sciences, Process Sciences, Physics and Engineering models – and sometimes we borrow from anthropology, biology or astronomy to solve the most difficult problems. At the heart of this is a business fractal model which implements complexity management in a practical manner.

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