Tuesday, May 6, 2014


According to Google, the next transformation of business will be due to maps. The Boston Consulting Group states that 95% of businesses still haven’t realized the broad benefits of maps. This means that most business leaders do not understand what location information can do for their businesses. I believe that it is more than just MAPS; business assets need to be transformed into SMART assets (using indoor or outdoor maps!).

Five steps are required to make a business asset SMART:
Step 1 Make the Asset visible
Step 2 Measure the asset performance “sweet spot”
Step 3 Do risk and complexity qualification of the asset
Step 4 Predict asset behavior
Step 5 Optimize the asset response model

Step 1 requires one to construct a “data brick” as in the next figure. The key  in the construction is to align all data layers by means of a Geo-tag.

This allows one to solve business problems across the value chain of the business – and in a significant way as all quantitative data is now aligned and placed in context. This very simply means that people, space and data can now be put in the same place and we can use analytics to drive business asset optimization in a number of ways, such as:
a) Create strategic insight from operations
      b)  Coordinate and deploy sales and service teams in real-time to where the action is
      c)  Monitor assets anytime, anywhere
      d)  Place customer into context quickly and reliable

e)  Enable tactical actions such as capacity planning and demand management

In the same manner that technology changes the way we interact between the digital and real world, we need to change our mental models of business transformation and how we use tools such as sensors, big data, data science and visualization.

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