Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Business Architecture on the Move

Business data, process data, planning data, strategic data – mostly all of this data in the context of a business architecture is static. At Visualitics we aim to optimize value chain assets through four core drivers – “proximity”, “visibility”, “attractiveness”, and “movement”.

In the following example we were asked to assist in capacity planning of emergency services using data from the operations call center. Using our easycodeproduct together with a spatial quadrant cluster algorithm we were able to make this data geo-intelligent as in the picture.

Spatial quadrant cluster output

Geo-Intelligent Data

In this context business events can be modeled and planned within the context of demographic and geographic data  – simply put, we can place the event (planned/unplanned) on a map, measure the shortest distance to the event, and also deduct demographic risk factors from it.

This is what I call “Business Architecture on the move” – data in context of the real world for real decision making.

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