Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is big data really changing things ?

As an industrial engineer I used to lack data for business models and optimization; suddenly things have changed and we can access huge amounts of data. But what is the impact of this ? A few examples of how things are changing:

Example - Marketing
No more sample base data for marketers; in one exercise we analyzed 30 million transactional events
of 300 000 customers and with the help of a non-supervised learning algorithm discovered three natural customers segments. This leaves everybody to discuss the output and not argue about what they think the customer does.

Example - Business Architecture
Using the same 30 million lines of code we were able to construct all possible customer process flows using process mining. No more mapping energy required but rather discussion time on patterns, trends and possibilities.

Example - BIS/GIS
Merging GIS data with customer data provides an immediate picture of where customers spend their
time. No need for corner modelling, but rather facilitating the integration of operations, supply chain, sales and marketing around the data.

Example Logistics/Fleet/Route Planning
 Use sample sets from 50 to 100 000 vehicles to understand what the travel time impact will be between any points in the supply chain network. No more guessing, optimal estimates can be derived.

With the help of my colleague Carmen van der Merwe, we have created an Integrated Design Framework for Value propositions which shortens product development as it integrates large design teams, but even more exiting about this is that Big Data directly impacts a number of key design areas which even should shorten this more drastically. The following picture shows where Big Data directly impacts on the design.

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