Friday, February 28, 2014

Asset Insight and Risk Evaluation through Big Data & Data Science

Sensor technologies create Big Data, and Big Data enables us to move away from "sample-based" models to real behaviour.  In this picture we were able to use 30 million data points to create a visual flow pattern of 300 000 unique customers around certain points of interest using the Disco process mining tool from Our SMART collection system did all the hard work of capturing the millions of transactions. This now gives management the ability to investigate any flow sequence around any point of interest at any point in time (this wasn't possible a few years ago - but that is the power of Big Data and Data Analytics today).

The following example shows a summary map of combining Big data with geospatial data. Using we are able to collect millions of site observations and from that calculated the volatility levels, uncertainty, system risk, robustness and probability of default on various risk clusters.

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